Frequently Asked Questions

- I have one unit id for banners ad and one for interstitial, but init function is taking only one id. How should I specify both of them?

If you have two ids to specify, you can init AdMob controller with for example banners id, and then set id specifically for interstitial


- How do I get an AdMob ad unit ID?

Directions for how to create an AdMob ad unit ID can be found here. AdMob ad unit IDs have the form ca-app-pub-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX/NNNNNNNNNN.


- I keep getting the error 'The Google Play services' resources were not found. Check your project configuration to ensure that the resources are included.

You can safely ignore this message. Your app will still fetch and serve banner ads.


- I keep getting the error 'Invalid unknown request error: Cannot determine request type. Is your ad unit id correct?

Make sure your ad unit ID is correct. For publishers using the new AdMob front end, the ad unit ID will be in the form


You will get this error if you use the form



- My app supports autorotation. But ad banner does not change when the app is rotated.

The autorotation for banners is not supported. But you can implement it by yourself. I will describe the algorithm below.

Most of the game apps have one orientation, and those which support both (usual, different banner positions) use adjustable size for different orientations. That is why I do not see the reason to implement auto rotation.

  1.  95% if the user does not use this
  2.  Users who will need this feature,  will want to add extra enchantments 
  3. So I decided to give you a full control on banners instead of implementing features that you will not use.
  4. Here is an algorithm how you can implement custom auto rotate banner to your app.
  5.  App started at landscape.
  6.  Create the banner and assign it to LandscapeBanner variable
  7.  Detected rotation to portrait
  8. hide LandscapeBanner
  9. Create the new banner and assign it to PortraitBanner variable
  10.  Detected rotation to back to landscape
  11. check if LandscapeBanner was created, otherwise look at the step 2.
  12. Hide PortraitBanner. Show LandscapeBanner