Banners are the small ads that when touched typically take the user to some form of full-screen in-app browsing experience.

Interstitials, on the other hand, immediately present rich HTML5 experiences or "web apps" at natural app transition points such as in between game levels. Web apps are in-app browsing experiences with a simple close button rather than any navigation bar—the content provides its own internal navigation scheme. 

The more heavyweight nature of InterstitialAd is reflected by its definition not as a View but rather an Object is requiring more distinct instantiation, load and display steps.


This method will start Interstitial request, and as soon as the ad loaded it will appear on screen.

GoogleMobileAd.StartInterstitialAd ();

You can also use LoadInterstitialAd methods with will load ad, and then use ShowInterstitialAd to show loaded ad content when you need it. 

The code snippet below shows the implementation using this method

void Start () {

	GoogleMobileAd.OnInterstitialLoaded += OnInterstisialsLoaded;
	GoogleMobileAd.OnInterstitialOpened += OnInterstisialsOpen;
	GoogleMobileAd.OnInterstitialClosed += OnInterstisialsClosed;

	//loadin ad:
	GoogleMobileAd.LoadInterstitialAd ();

private void OnInterstisialsLoaded() {
	//ad loaded, strting ad
	GoogleMobileAd.ShowInterstitialAd ();

private void OnInterstisialsOpen() {
	//pausing the game

private void OnInterstisialsClosed() {
	//un-pausing the game

The best use practise for the Interstitial ad

Call this on your game start

GoogleMobileAd.LoadInterstitialAd ();

Now the Interstitials is loading in the background, while your user is playing the game.  For example, after a player has finished the level, you can offer him to double the reward if he opens the interstitial ad. But before we can offer this to our customer, we need to find out if an ad is ready to be shown. See the code snippet bellow.

if(GoogleMobileAd.IsInterstitialReady) {
    //draw the watch Ad button

When a user clicks the ad, you need to bring up the Interstitials and load the new one, since we cannot use the same ad twice. See the code snippet bellow.

void OnWatchAdButtonClicked() {
    GoogleMobileAd.ShowInterstitialAd ();
    GoogleMobileAd.LoadInterstitialAd ();


Note: Interstitial Ad from Google may have a video content.

Note: After Interstitial ad is dismissed, the Interstitial object is destroyed, it means that in order to show new Interstitial ad you need to load it again.


Available interstitial actions

public static Action OnInterstitialLoaded 			= delegate {};
public static Action OnInterstitialFailedLoading 	= delegate {};
public static Action OnInterstitialOpened 			= delegate {};
public static Action OnInterstitialClosed 			= delegate {};
public static Action OnInterstitialLeftApplication  = delegate {};


Full implementation example can be found in the plugin example scene.