Plugin update

1. Version Notes

With every new update, I make try to make plugin better. Add new features, improve stability, usability and code base structure. When new version is available, you can find out what’s new in the version by reading version notes.


Sometimes in order to implement a new feature or improve code structure I have to change some of the plugin files / folder or method names. It will be of course described in version notes. But if you simply click update in the Asset Store, you may get duplicated or conflicted files.

After new plugin version is downloaded and unpacked to your project the settings window will be opened automatically in the Inspector view. It for some reason it wasn’t opened after you imported the plugin, go to: WindowGoogle Mobile AdEdit Settings


And just press Update button. If the installation was completed successfully you should see message as on the picture below.

How to update

It's also good practise to completely remove old plugin version before the update. You can do this using the plugin editor window as showed on the screenshot bellow.

Settings File Location

Plugins Settings file is located at:


This folder remain unharmed by the plugin removal tool. In case you want to transfer setting to the another project, you can just copy  / paste files from this folder from one project to another.

I case you want manually remove and reinstall this plugin, or even of you also have another Stan's Assets plugins inside your project. you can just remove and following folders:

  • All folders under: Assets/Extensions/ except Assets/Extensions/StansAssetsConfig
  • Assets/Plugins/StansAssets
  • Assets/Plugins/ -  You can remove whole folder, in case you do not have any other plugins inside your project, or your own files inside Plugins folder. And if you do, remove only files that are related to plugin you want to remove.  This step can be unclear, we are defiantly trying to use understandable naming convention for our files, so it should be easy to determine what files / folder are related to plugin you trying to remove. But that's why we strongly recommend plugin removal tool usage, since it will be definitely safe for other product you have inside your project.