Basic components and their adjustments

Project has next list of basic objects/components needed for the game (check _Scripts folder):

  • ActiveObject – Basic component for “hidden object”. Processes it reaction on click etc

  • HintObject + HintObject_Visualizer – Process/visualize holders of “hidden objects” list

  • ObjectsInitializer – OnStart initializes all Objects and generates lists of “hidden objects”

  • GameManager – Responsible for processing game rules/tasks

  • HUDManager – Handles basic User interface

  • SoundManager – Controls all sounds

  • Hint + Hint_FlyingIndicator – Allows to help player by hinting on “hidden object”

  • SimpleDialog - Processes simple dialogue functionality

  • LevelsUnlocker - Handles levels unlocking if stored "TotalScore" is bigger than level cost

    Most of basic game objects has prefabs (please check _Prefabs folder) – this should help you a lot, since you can just drag'n'drop them to your scene.

    You may want adjust their behavior or appearance – for this you should either update related values or change Model/Material/etc in the scene.

    If you want to get/change any of game asset – you can find their sources in the _Assets folder.