Main components

ObjectsInitializer - Prepare and initialize all objects (objects holds list of Hidden objects) 

hintObjectsNum - How many active HintObjects can be in scene
objectsPerHint - How many Active(hidden) objects should be assigned to each HintObject 
minDistance - Minimal distance between Hint object and ActiveObject assigned to it
overrideActiveObjectsSettings - Override ActiveObjects settings by this reference
overrideHintObjectsVisualizers - Override HintObjects Visualizers by this reference 
hintObjects - List of chosen hint objects.


GameManager - Script contains and processes Win/Lose conditions for the game. This component is required for some other components - please checks cripts and/or warning messages 

  • foundObjectCost - How much one found object costs
  • requiredScore - How many score should player has to Win
  • requiredObjects - List of mandatory objects, those player should find to Win
  • allottedClicks - How many clicks player has to execute Win-conditions (before GameOver)
  • allottedTime - How much time player has to execute Win-conditions (before GameOver) 


ActiveObject - Script controls active objects (those can be find) 

  • SurroundingParticle - Prefab for particle surrounding found objects movement 
  • finalScale - Final scale of the object
  • movementDamping  - Smooth facing/movement value
  • movementSpeed - Speed of object movement along the path
  • arriveDistance - How far should object be to waypoint for its activation and choosing new
  • pathModifier - Path parabolas modifier 

HintObject - Contains list of ActiveObjects to find and allows to visualize it 

  • hiddenObjects - List of ActiveObjects (objects to find) assigned to this Hint holder
  • disappearingSpeed - Disappearing speed - when all objects have been found
  • alwaysActive - Hint will be activated and hiddenObjects-list will be shown OnStart


HintObject_Visualizer - Script allows to create and process animated visualization of HintObject hiddenObjects list. All elements are optional, so if you don't want to have some of parts- just don't assign related element 


silhouetteBased - Should hiddenObjects be visualized as silhouettes or by description
silhouetteScale - Custom scale for silhouettes
centralElement - Animated Central element of visualization
centralElementInitialRotation - Initial rotation of the Central element. At appearing Rotation will be animated from this to TargetRotation
centralElementTargetRotation - Target rotation of the Central element. At appearing Rotation will be animated from InitialRotation to this
button_LeftPart - Left part of visual ListElement background
button_MiddlePart - Middle part of visual ListElement background
button_RightPart - Right part of visual ListElement background
fontSize - Caption(description) font size
fontColor - Caption(description) color
fontQuality - Caption(description) font quality
font - Caption(description) font
movementPointsHolder - Link to reference object that children positions will be used as template for listElements positioning 
movementSpeed - How fast listElements will be positioning
movementDistance - How far from target position can listElements be
scaleModifier - Scale modifier for whole visualization
invertedX - Should be X-position of listElements inverted related to positions in movementPointsHolder
invertedY - Should be Y-position of listElements inverted related to positions in movementPointsHolder 


HUDManager - Script processes and draw whole common GUI 

  • pauseMenu - Link to PauseMenu MenuWindow
  • activatingHint - Link to activatingHint object 
  • guiSkin - GuiSkin to use
  • pointsGainedFX - Link to D text with text and effect, those will be shown when one more object found
  • GameOverFX  - Link to Object with Win effect
  • WinFX - Link to Object with GameOver effect 
  • overlay - Link to Overlay object

SoundManager - Script allows to assign and automatically process all event-related(trigerred) sound. Based on triggeredAction value of gameManager 

  • musicSource - Link to AudioSource handles music
  • soundSource - Link to AudioSource handles sound effects 
  • sounds - List of GameSounds to process 

Hint - Script manage hints Flying - that can be activated to find and point object. Timed - that appear to hint object from time to time 

  • objectsHolder - Object that holds all active/hint objects as children
  • replenishTime - How often flying hint can be used
  • timedIndicator - Object to visualize timed hint
  • flyingIndicator - Object to visualize flying hint
  • timedHintDelay - Delay till timed hint activation
  • timedHintDuration - Duration of timed hint visibility 


Hint_FlyingIndicator - Script manage activating hint indicator movement and effects, that can find and point object   

  • appearFX - Effect to be enabled on enable
  • idleFX - Effect to be enabled in idle movement
  • hideFX - Effect to be enabled at hiding
  • movementTime - Time of object movement along the path
  • movementRandomizer - Parameter to randomize movement 

SimpleDialog - Script processes simple dialogs functionality 

  • messageWindow - Link to Dialog visualization object
  • messageCharacter - Link to sprite dedicated for character rendering
  • messageText - Link to message text mesh
  • lineLength - Number of symbols in line (before World-wrap)
  • invertedAnimation - Link to animation to show/make inverted visualization object position
  • characters  - List of characters sprites
  • messages - List of all messages 


LevelsUnlocker - This script unlocking levels if stored "TotalScore" is bigger than level cost 

  • levelsMenu - Link to levels window
  • levelsCost - List of unlocking cost for each level
  • scoreRenderer - Link to D text to render score