Not all Core Location services are available on every device, and services may be temporarily unavailable in certain circumstances:

  • The device does not have the hardware needed to support the feature.

  • The user disabled location services in the system settings.

  • The user denied access to location services for your app.

  • The user's device is in Airplane Mode and unable to gather location data.

  • Background App Refresh is disabled and you are monitoring regions or using the significant-change location service, which requires that feature.

Before using any specific location service, check the availability of that service using the methods of ISN_CLLocationManager.


Tells whether you can get the geographic coordinate for the user's current location. This service is generally available on all devices.

using SA.iOS.CoreLocation;

Debug.Log("LocationServicesEnabled: " + ISN_CLLocationManager.LocationServicesEnabled);


Apps should fail gracefully and offer other useful capabilities when services are not available. If the absence of a service renders your app useless, you can indicate the requirement of that service in your app's Info.plist. For more information, see Requiring the Presence of Specific Location Services.