Getting Started

Create experiences that keep players coming back to your game. Add leaderboards, achievements, matchmaking, challenges, and more.

GameKit provides you with the ability to create apps that allow players to interact with each other. Multiplayer apps allow your game to create real-time network matches. Players can invite other players to join their game. Most importantly, players can receive invitations to join a match even when your game is not running. Your game is running on each device and the instances of your game exchange match and voice data with each other. Turn-Based Gaming provides store-and-forward network match infrastructure where the match is played out over a series of discrete turns. This kind of match can be played without requiring all of the players to be connected simultaneously.

Game Center offers a centralized game service that connects players to each other. Game Center implements many different features:

  • Achievements provide the ability to track a player’s accomplishments in your game.
  • Leaderboards allow your game to store and fetch player scores from Game Center.
  • Challenges allow a player to challenge other players to complete an achievement or to beat a leaderboard score.
  • The Saved Game API is best used for single-player games or a pass-and-play game on a single device.

Before you can user Game Kit with IOS Native Pro, make sure that Game Kit API is enabled

Enable Game Kit

When you are ready to add Game Kit features to your application, activate the Game Kit framework, under the IOS Native Editor window. See the image below: