How to update

We will do our best to maintain backward compatibility. In case there will be any incompatible changes, this will be clearly stated in the plugin description.

The best way to update the plugin is to completely remove the whole package, and download the new version. Do not worry about your settings it will stay unharmed, only remove plugin folder you want to update.


It's also recommended that you update all Stan's Assets products at once. Some plugins are sharing the same library codebase, so if you to want update plugin from the same family. Let's say this is "Native Plugins" just make sure that those plugins are sharing the same version code. See how to read plugin version code in the next chapter.

Plugin Version

For example on a screenshot below plugin version is 2.0.0. Where:

  • 2 -> Major version code. This will almost never change until plugin will be completely reworked. 
  • 0 -> Version code. Make Sure version code matches for a plugin of the same family in your project. Same family plugins always located in the same folder.
  • 0-> Build version. Indicates very small minor plugin update.