iOS Native

iOS Native

Price: $20
Version: ISN 8.1.1
Size: 5.29 MB
Category: Integration

The goal is to combine all native IOS features you need in one plugin, and make it usage as easy as possible!



Unity Forum Thread | PlayMaker Actions Thread 

All Source Code is Open!  iOS6, iOS7, iOS8 - supported

In-App purchases (Cons. / Non-Cons.)
* Transaction Events 
* Purchase States (Purchased, Failed, Deferred, Restored) 
* Restore purchases implementation
* Transactions Validation


* Facebook Post 
* Twitter Post 
* Native Sharing Dialog 


* Availability check 
* Set data for key 
* Get data for key 
* Data change events 
* Supported types: float, string, byte[] 


iAd App Network 
* Banners 
* Interstitials 
* 9 Gravity Options supported 
* Ability to set Custom x, y banner point 


Camera And Gallery 
* Taking Photo from Camera 
* Loading Texture from Gallery 
* Saving Texture to Gallery 
* Saving Screenshot to Gallery 

Game Center 
* Show leaderboards UI 
* Show UI leaderboard by ID 
* Retrieve leaderboard score by ID 
* Report leaderboard score by ID 
* Show Achievements UI 
* Reporting Achievements 
* Get All Achievements info 
* Retrieve data for your custom leaderboard UI 
* Load GameCenter user names and avatars 
* Load Friends list 
* Challenge Friends
* Multiplayer Peer-to-Peer (with game example)
* Multiplayer Example Video Preview     


More features 
* Play Video via web URL 
* Play Video via YouTube app 
* Local / Push Notifications 
* Banner Notification  
* Date Time Picker 
* Shared App API 
* Rate Pop-up 
* Dialog Pop-up 
* Message Pop-up 
* Native Preloader
* Date Time Picker UI
* iOS Native Events
* Flash-like Events as gift


Supported 3rd party plugins:

* Playmaker - Artists and Designers: Realize your creative vision without coding! Unlock the power of Unity.
* Simple IAP System  - Takes the complexity out of in-app purchases (IAPs) and the billing process as a whole by providing a one-stop solution for managing IAPs.

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