Game Center

Following Game Center API is available with IOS Native on TvOS platform.

Setup and init Game Center, as you normally do with IOS platform. See the Initialize Game Center Guide.

With TvOS following API is available for you:

There is some usage difference between IOS and TvOS platform.

  1. You can't show specifically Achievements UI,  Leaderboard UI, or Leaderboard Data UI by it's Id. You can only show single Game Center window. Any action like, Show Leaderboards / Achievements will now trigger standard TvOs Game Center interface.
  2. The Leaderboards data will not appear inside the TvOs Game Center interface until complete Xcode setup action described bellow:
    1. Select Images.xcassets in Xcode project
    2. Right-click under listed files, and from the menu pick Game Center->New AppleTV Leaderboard.
    3. Add your images there.
    4. Select Leaderboard and on the right pane pick edit view. Find there “Identifier” field and enter you leaderboard id there.
    5. If after these modifications your asset compilation starts to fail, try disabling “On Demand Resources” in Xcode “Build Settings”.

We would also recommend read the Building games for Apple TV Unity Guide before you begin. 

Know issues:

Achievements progress

When you submitting your achievements progress following log message may appear:

no bundle for bundleID: (null)

This message is harmless, however, there is no explanation from Apple about message source. See the Developers Forum for more information.


You should understand, that unlike mobile games, when modal overlay covers the screen (like for example popup or achievements window appears) this overlay is not blocking input from the remote. Which means your game or game menu will still read and respond to TV remote input.

Here is a workaround we can suggest.

  1. When you presenting any modal view, like Show Achievements / Leaderboards. Lock your input listeners.
  2. Subscribe to the GameCenterManager.OnGameCenterViewDismissed event
  3. Enable input listeners once GameCenterManager.OnGameCenterViewDismissed has been fired, and unsubscribe from the event.