Compatibility and Dependencies

IOS Native supports following 3d - party plugins

  • Playmaker - Artists and Designers: Realize your creative vision without coding! Unlock the power of Unity. Read more.
  • OneSignal -  Boost Engagement With Smart Push Notifications. Read More.
  • Simple IAP System  - Takes the complexity out of in-app purchases (IAPs) and the billing process as a whole by providing a one-stop solution for managing IAPs.

Data Restrictions

In order to transfer data from Native IOS code to Unity C#,  plugin uses serialization, and "|" symbol as the separator. Which mean if you will use same symbol in your data which has to be transferred from Native IOS code to Unity C# it may break de-serialization process. 

Compatibility with another Unity IOS Plugins

IOS Native plugin fully compatible with all another IOS or non-IOS plugins you can get for Unity. If you found conflict with another IOS Unity plugin, please let us know via support e-mail.


First of all, the native part of the IOS Native plugin is requires following frameworks:

  • StoreKit.framework
  • Accounts.framework
  • Social.framework
  • MessageUI.framework
  • MediaPlayer.framework
  • MobileCoreServices.framework 
  • GameKit.framework 


All frameworks  dependencies will be added automatically during the build phase to your Xcode Project.  However, if you're building Xcode project on Windows, or for some reason post process is failed on your machine  you can do this manually.


As you can see, after importing IOS Native, few more packages is imported in your project as well:

  • Stans Assets Common - this is the utilities library which contains common functionality for Unity native plugins. Since this libarry is for plugin internal use only, there is no documentation for it. But if you will find something useful inside this library for your project, feel free to use it.
  • IOS Deploy - used to provide build post processing for the IOS Native. This version of IOS Deploy plugin is for internal use only. Which means IOS Deploy editor settings is disabled, and if you want to use IOS Deploy functionality for you project need, you need to get a copy from the Asset Store.