Gesture Recognition

Nothing can recognize gestures better then native IOS API. So we decided to start creating library that will work with default Apple gestures API.

If during developing for mobile phone it can be super simple to create own logic to recognize swipes, for example.It can be pretty hard to do when a user uses specific device, for example, tvOS remote control. Available gestures can be found below. Please, let us know if you want more gestures or you want  new features  / data to be available for gestures API.


ISN_GestureRecognizer.Instance.OnSwipe +=  delegate(ISN_SwipeDirection direction) {
	Debug.Log("Swipe: " + direction);

API Reference


public class ISN_GestureRecognizer : ISN_Singleton<ISN_GestureRecognizer> {

	//Action si fired when swipe detected
	event Action<ISN_SwipeDirection> OnSwipe;


public enum ISN_SwipeDirection  {
	Up = 0,
	Down = 1,
	Left = 2,
	Right = 3