iCloud With Playmaker

The iCloud Fundamentals guide has a table that compares Document Storage to the Key-Value Store(Table 1-1). In contrary to Mobile Documents, the Key Value Store should be considered Always effectively available. Even if a user isn't connected to iCloud or in the offline mode. Data will be uploaded later when it's possible.

Generally, it means that you can start setting and requesting data from iCloud without any additional action, even if currently you are not connected to any network.

The ISN_CloudSetString Playmaker action may be used for setting string value for any iCloud key. Action fields:

  • key - iCloud string key id
  • value  - string value for iCloud key
  • successEvent - event fired when value is successfully set for key.

Use the ISN_CloudRequestDataForKey when you need to retrieve string value for key. Action fields:

  • key - iCloud string key id
  • data  - place variable under that filed, once value for the specified key is retrieved, an action will change variable value
  • successEvent - event fired when value was successfully retrieved for a given key.