iCloud With Playmaker

Before using iCloud API make sure that iCloud setup is finished, as described here. With IOS the IOS Native iCloud implementation you may read and write values to IOS iCloud key / value storage.

Before you can use this feature during runtime, you need to initialize iCloud API with the ISN_iCloudInit playmaker action. Actions has 2 events:

  • successEvent
  • failEvent

which are fired correspondently to the initialization state. See the screenshot bellow:

The ISN_CloudSetString Playmaker action may be used for setting string value for any iCloud key. Action fields:

  • key - iCloud string key id
  • value  - string value for iCloud key
  • successEvent - event fired when value is successfully set for key.

Use the ISN_CloudRequestDataForKey when you need to retrieve string value for key. Action fields:

  • key - iCloud string key id
  • data  - place variable under that filed, once value for the specified key will be retrieved, Action will change variable value
  • successEvent - event fired when value was successfully retrieve for given key.