Shared App Url

How to check programmatically if an App is installed

This is not possible directly, but if the apps register URI schemes you could test for that.

A URI scheme is for example fb:// for the facebook app. So testing if fb:// will open, will indicate that there is an app installed which registered fb:// - which is a good hint for the facebook app.

Here is how you can check using as  fb://  example URL.

Step1:  Subscribe for IOSSharedApplication action

IOSSharedApplication.OnUrCheckResultAction += OnUrCheckResultAction;


Step2:  Call Check Url method



Step 3: Find out if this url was registered using action from step 1

private void OnUrCheckResultAction (ISN_CheckUrlResult result) {

        if(result.IsSucceeded) {
            IOSMessage.Create("Url Exists", "The " + result.url + " is registred" );
        } else {
            IOSMessage.Create("Url Exists", "The " + result.url + " wasn't registred");


How to open another app.

Simply call OpenURL method using URL scheme. For example to open AppStore use:


Here's a partial list of some of the most popular URL's you can check against.


You can also check how to Open Application Appstore Page.