Shared App Url

How to check programmatically if an App is installed

It's not possible to open or check if app is installed by application bundle or Apple id. But you can operate with URL Schemes. If an app has registered a custom URL scheme, you can check if this scheme was registered on a current drive and open this application by it's scheme.

For example, Facebook app has  fb://  Custom URL Scheme. And here is an example how you can check if this scheme is registered on a current device.

bool result = SA.IOSNative.System.SharedApplication.CheckUrl("fb://");

If the result is TRUE, you can open this application by URL scheme.

But you can't just query any scheme you want, you need to register list of schemes your app may query. You can do this directly in XCode project by modifying Plist LSApplicationQueriesSchemes array. or using IOS Native editor settings as showed in a screenshot below:

How to open an app.

Simply call OpenURL method using URL scheme. For example, to open Facebook use:


Or AppStore


If you want to add Custom URL Scheme for your application and learn how to react if external app launched your application with URL Scheme, chek the Custom URL Schemes Article.

Here's a partial list of some of the most popular URLs you can check against.

You can also check how to Open Application Appstore Page.