With the IOS Naive plugin you can enable automatic analytics based on the Soomla Grow platform. But if you want to enable this feature, you should have a Soomla account and register your application. So, if you do not have one, point your browser to the Soomla website and create one using the onscreen instructions. 

Once you have done, open the plugin settings and Enabled Soomla API as showed on the screenshot below:


You can obtain Game and Environment keys under your Soomla account.

Choose the Environment settings of your project:

Copy Game And Environment Keys to the plugin settings.


After you've enabled Soomla in the IOS Native settings, Billing and social events will be sent automatically. But you should initialize Soomla Grow API on your app start. 


You may use the following action to track the Soomla state:

public static event Action ActionInitialized 	= delegate {};
public static event Action ActionConnected 		= delegate {};
public static event Action ActionDisconnected 	= delegate {};