Store Product View

StoreProductView object presents a store that allows the user to purchase other media from the App Store. For example, your app may display the store to allow the user to purchase another app.

To display a store, create a new StoreProductView object and set its delegate. Then, show the view modally from your app. 

To choose a specific product, call the StoreProductView object constructor passing the iTunes item identifier for the item you want to sell.

The code snippet can be found bellow:

using SA.IOSNative.StoreKit

StoreProductView view =  new StoreProductView("333700869");
view.Dismissed += StoreProductViewDismissed;

void StoreProductViewDismissed () {
	Debug.Log("Store Product View was Dismissed");


Available Delegates of IOSStoreProductView object:

public Action Loaded = delegate {};
public Action LoadFailed = delegate {};
public Action Appeared = delegate {};
public Action Dismissed = delegate {};