Letters Of Angel Vol. 2

Letters Of Angel Vol. 2

Price: $5
Version: 1.0
Category: Music

The Letters of Angel Vol. 2 is a suite of orchestral music designed to suit typical scenarios in fantasy and adventure games. Made with developers in mind, each track has been produced to professional standards using the highest quality instruments, tools and techniques, delivered as CD quality, uncompressed .wav files ready for use. 

Professional quality on a budget: 
The tracks in this pack have been created using industry-quality tools and techniques. From composition to mastering, each track has been carefully written for typical scenarios and then post-produced to professional standards. Using exquisite and meticulously sampled instruments, the Fantasy Music collection offers natural, cinematic orchestral arrangements at a significantly lower price. 

Seamless loops: 
I edit my loops to only repeat at the zero crossing point of the wave and because the audio's reverb tail is carefully applied to the start of each loop, all your looping tracks are perfectly seamless. No pops or clicks. 

The Volume 2 includes: 

  • 06 Professionally mastered original tracks 
  • Perfect, seamless loops 
  • CD quality 16bit/44.1khz .wav format, ready for import 
  • Music for: 
  • Churches 
  • Cities 
  • Towns 
  • Dungeons 
  • Combat 
  • Exploring & Open areas 
  • Menu/Intro/Credits/Others 


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