04 May 2015
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- Issues Finder:
  - fixed scenes paths comparison leading to unnecessary scene save prompt

- Issues Finder: 
  - new scene filtering mode: current scene only
  - new search option: Duplicate components
  - new Reset button added to let you quickly reset settings to defaults
  - new standard prefab icon added to the prefab assets records
  - now after search you return to the scene which was opened before search
  - now scene file is highlighted when you press "show" button
  - now all buttons for found issues are placed below issue description to avoid unnecessary scrolling
  - now all deep nested objects (level 2 and more) in instantiated prefabs are scanned as well
  - report header was re-worked a bit and now includes unity version
  - now Issues Finder may be called from user scripts, see "Using Maintainer from code" readme section
  - lot of tooltips added
  - attempt to fix rare Maintainer leakage
  - increased Unity 5 compatibility (deprecated API replaced)
  - scenes in build filtration optimizations
  - minor fixes and improvements
  - minor optimizations
  - minor refactorings
- Settings file is now re-created in case it was damaged and couldn't be read
- Troubleshooting readme section was supplemented by new item about Debug Inspector mode
- additions and fixes in readme

- first public release with initial Issues Finder module