Setup for WP8


  • Windows 8 or later
  • Visual Studio 2012 or later

Platform settings in Unity 5

You need additional platform settings for Unity 5 version.

At first you have to setup DLLs platform settings as showed below.

Correct setup for Unity Editor WP8PopUps.dll

Correct setup for WP8PopUps.dll native library



If your native DLLs settings are not correct, you will get next errors while postprocessing player:

Plugin 'WP8PopUps.dll' is used from several locations:
 Assets/Plugins/WP8/WP8PopUps.dll would be copied to <PluginPath>/WP8PopUps.dll
 Assets/Plugins/WP8PopUps.dll would be copied to <PluginPath>/WP8PopUps.dll
Please fix plugin settings and try again.