Showing dialog pop-up

MobileNativeDialog dialog = new MobileNativeDialog("Dialog Title", "Dialog message");

Result for this API call is showed below:

If you need to find out the dialog result you should add a listener:

dialog.OnComplete += OnDialogClose;

OnDialogClose function will be called as soon as the popup is closed. 

OnDialogClose function example:

private void OnDialogClose(MNDialogResult result) {
 //parsing result
 switch(result) {
 case MNDialogResult.YES:
 Debug.Log ("Yes button pressed");
 case MNDialogResult.NO:
 Debug.Log ("No button pressed");

MobileNativeDialog contains 2 constructors, in case you need to set text for “Yes” and “No” buttons.

public MobileNativeDialog(string title, string message)
public MobileNativeDialog(string title, string message, string yes, string no)