Showing message pop-up.

Note: The plugin doesn't support Windows 8 platform anymore

Editor testing provides an opportunity to see how this functionality will work in the Unity Editor:


MNPopup popup = new MNPopup ("title", "dialog message");
popup.AddAction ("Ok", () => {Debug.Log("Ok action callback");});
popup.AddDismissListener (() => {Debug.Log("dismiss listener");});
popup.Show ();

On real device result for this API call is showed below:

If you need to find out when the button pressed you should add a listener:

popup.AddAction ("Ok", () => {
    //Button pressed "Ok"
    Debug.Log("Ok action callback");    

If you need to find out when the message dissmissed you should add a listener:

popup.AddDismissListener (() => {
    //Message dismissed
    Debug.Log("dismiss listener");

MNPopup contains 1 constructor:

public MNPopup (string title, string message)