Showing rate pop-up

MobileNativeRateUs ratePopUp = new MobileNativeRateUs("Like this game?", "Please rate to
support future updates!");

if the user will select “Rate” option, he will be redirected to the app rating page. So we need to specify your app data before starting pop up.

Set apple Id for IOS app.


Set Play Market Url for Android app


Do nothing for WP8.

And then we can start rate pop up by calling:


Result for this API call is showed below:

Note: For WP8, a dialog pop up will be created, but Yes option will redirect to the rating page as in the screenshot below

If you need to find out the pop-up result you should add a listener:

ratePopUp.OnComplete += OnRatePopUpClose;

OnRatePopUpClose function will be called as soon as pop-up is closed. 

OnRatePopUpClose function example:

private void OnRatePopUpClose(MNDialogResult result) {
 //parsing result
 switch(result) {
   case MNDialogResult.RATED:
     Debug.Log ("Rate Option picked");
   case MNDialogResult.REMIND:
     Debug.Log ("Remind Option picked");
   case MNDialogResult.DECLINED:
     Debug.Log ("Declined Option picked");


MobileNativeRateUs contains 2 constructors, in case you need to set text for “Yes” , “Later” and “No” buttons.

public MobileNativeRateUs(string title, string message)
public MobileNativeRateUs(string title, string message, string yes, string later, string no)