The code  snippet bellow will demonstrate Instagram posting example:


//Or with text
SPInstagram.instance.Share(imageForPosting, "I am posting from my app");

We can also find out posting result by subscribing to the OnPostingCompleteAction action. 

SPInstagram.instance.OnPostingCompleteAction += OnPostingCompleteAction;

void OnPostingCompleteAction (InstagramPostResult result) {
	if(result == InstagramPostResult.RESULT_OK) {
		Debug.Log("Posting Successful");
	} else {
		Debug.Log("Posting failed with error code " + result.ToString());

Available result codes:

public enum InstagramPostResult  {


Note: Since we do not use OAuth authorisation for this feature, it means that we can not retrieve user action inside Instagram app. We not able to  get his id, or find out if hi did post after switching to the Instagram app or not. That's way we will get action result almost immediately, And  RESULT_OK means that we successfully transferred image and message to Instagram app.

IOS limitations

Note: The Instagram posting is using URL Scheme API. Thant's why it hit some limitation from IOS9 release. iOS 9 has made a small change to the handling of URL scheme. You must whitelist the URL's that your app will call out to using the LSApplicationQueriesSchemes key in your Info.plist. Long story short, if you want to use Instagram with IOS 9 Open Info.plist  in the Xcode project and add instagram to the LSApplicationQueriesSchemes​ array, as showed on the picture bellow.

In fure version we will try to make this process automatic, but so far you need to do this manually.

If you want to learn more about new Apple limitation, please see post here.

Note: With the latest Instagram app the image caption will be ignored. Instagram provides documentation on iOS hooks. That documentation does not make any mention of a caption parameter. Which means this doesn't seem to be an officially-supported use case. But caption parameter was working correctly with the previous Instagram app version. Probably they now sticking with the same policy as Facebook. "Users should share only own thoughts"  and any text provided by developer will be ignored. However we can always put some text on image we sharing :) This behavior may change in future so, keep your sharing text.