The plugin may require some small setup actions in order to compile it in your device with no issues. If the plugin isn’t installed in the settings window, it will be opened automatically in the Inspector view. If for some reason it isn't opened after you import the plugin, go to:

Window → Mobile Social Plugin → Edit Settings


And just press the Install Plugin button. If the installation is completed successfully you should see the message as shown in the picture below.


Note: After the Mobile Social Plugin is installed, your app size may be increased. This is because the  Mobile Social Plugin Facebook part is built using the Unity Official Facebook SDK. If you are not using the plugin Facebook Part, feel free to remove it, by pressing

More Actions → Remove Facebook SDK


If you have other plugins in your project which require an override to the main activity, you will need to merge such plugins with  Mobile Social Plugin. You can find the necessary info below.


Setup for IOS 

Note: This step is automatic after MSP 2.5+. All frameworks and dependencies will be added automatically on the building phase. But with Unity 5, this feature has not  worked. You need to add it manually as described bellow.

You should include the following frameworks in your IOS XCode project

  • Accounts.framework
  • Social.framework
  • MessageUI.framework

Here is an instruction how to do that.

Open your project. Click on The Solution Name (project setting will open). Click on "Build Phase Tab", Click on "+" button on "Link Binary".