Twitter Setup

In order to implement twitter oAuth in your application, you need the twitter consumer key and consumer secret which are used to make twitter API calls. So, register a new twitter application and get the keys.

1. Go to and register a new application. Fill an application name, description and website

2. Give some dummy URL in the callback URL field to make the app as browser app. (If you leave it as blank it will act as a Desktop app which won’t work on a mobile device)

3. Under the settings, tab upload icon and change the access type to Read and Write.


4. Copy Consumer Key & Consumer Secret key


You did. Now you can start using Twitter API in your project using copied  secret keys.

Last step is to specify consumer(API) key and consumer(API) secret in the plugin setting. As an option, you can also do this using coding but is much easier to use GUI.


Open Windows → Mobile Social Plugin → Edit Settings


And fill in Consumer key and secret.


All done, now you can use Twitter API.