Modern Gun Effect Pack

Modern Gun Effect Pack

Price: $15
Version: 1.01
Category: Particle Systems

Requires Unity 4.1.5 or higher.

Effect pack for modern guns. Muzzle flashes, cartridges, impacts, explosion, so on. 


The effects are all prefabs, you can create them with the "Instantiate" command, they play and destroy themselves automatically. Most of them are particle systems, some (flying bullet shells) are objects, which use Unity's physics system (so they use rigidbody, collision). 

The effects look best from a top-down or third-person view, form a first-person view they aren't that great. Also because Unity's particle systems don't support scaling by default, scaling the particle systems is either tendious a bit (you have to tweak the parameters individually), or you can purchase a particle scaler tool from the Asset Store. The default scale is realistic, using 1 Unity unit as 1 meter. 

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