Modern Weapons Pack

Modern Weapons Pack

Price: Free
Version: 1.0
Size: 36.52 MB
Category: Props

The perfect bundle of Modern Weapon models, greatly optimized and with high quality textures.

Modern Weapons Pack includes:
-M4A1 Sopmod - 9135 tris.
-Ak-47 - 6228 tris.
-Skorpion VZ - 6527 tris.
-UMP-45 - 3778 tris.
-ACOG Sight - 3286 tris (Excluding lens).
+ A bonus M18 Smoke Grenade - 1495 tris.

Both FBX and OBJ versions with Diffuse, Normal and Specular maps.

Specular texture integrated into the alpha channel of the Diffuse textures so no external shader is needed.
Make sure to use the materials provided.

Watch out where you point these bad boys because they are loaded and ready for use in the next AAA shooter!


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