Modular Environments by Gruffy

Modular Environments by Gruffy

Price: Free
Version: 1.03
Size: 172.26 MB
Category: Environments

This package includes three 3D Modular Environments to extend your creative ideas into something tangible!

GME 1 : Simple walls based environment that can be slotted together to create sprawling corridors and rooms.

GME 2: Bare bones 3D platform based environment without texturing added, but with all UVS in place including AO (Just copy the UVS, color them in through your favorite image editing software, and test back in Unity)

GME 3: A set of distinct modular rooms with connecting tunnels and two sets of panels that can be formed together to create long and complex tunnels.

Anyway, enjoy!
I also enclose the original .blend files and psd`s for anyone familiar to Blender and Photoshop.
Take care & thanks for downloading!

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