After the player is connected, you can use leaderboards API.


Show UI

You can show achievements UI using this method:



Working with achievements progress


Example how to update achievement progress.

OSXGameCenterManager.submitAchievement(88.66f, TEST_ACHIEVEMENT_2_ID, false);


The third parameter is used to specify whether we want to show the Game Center banner or not. Here is example how we can increment an achievement progress: 

OSXGameCenterManager.submitAchievement(OSXGameCenterManager.getAchievementProgress(TEST_ACHIEVEMENT_1_ID) + 2.432f, TEST_ACHIEVEMENT_1_ID);


If you want to reset the player progress for all achievements, call the following method:


All interactions with the Achievements API triggers corresponding events so you can always find the result of your API call.  

The following Actions are currently avaliable:

public static Action<ISN_Result> OnAchievementsReset = delegate{};
public static Action<ISN_AcheivmentProgressResult> OnAchievementsProgress  = delegate{};


For example, if we want to reset achievemets, we need to listen for when the achievements data is reset:

OSXGameCenterManager.OnAchievementsReset += OnAchievementsReset;

private void OnAchievementsReset(ISN_Result result) {

	if(result.IsSucceeded) {
		Debug.Log ("Achievemnts was reset from Game Center");


After the achievements are loaded, you can get the Achievement progress by ID using following code:

float progress = OSXGameCenterManager.getAchievementProgress(TEST_ACHIEVEMENT_1_ID)


NOTE: This feature can only be used after Achievements data is loaded (OnAchievementsLoaded action fired). However, if you enable Auto Caching Achievements progress with PlayPrefs, you will be able to access this data at any time, even without an Internet connection. You can read more about OSX Native Game Center Settings


Full API use Example can be found in the GameCenterExamples example scene.