Creating iTunes app

Point your browser to iTunes Connect and login to your developer account.

On the iTunes Connect homepage, click My Apps.

The first time you see the My Apps page in iTunes Connect, it’s blank. After you’ve created your first app record, you’ll see it listed here. Click the plus sign in the top-left corner to add the new app.


If you have contracts in effect for both iOS and Mac apps, select your app type:

  • New iOS App

  • New Mac App

The choices don’t all appear if you have signed a contract for only one app type.

Fill in the fields on that New App page to enter iTunes Connect properties for the app.

Click Create, and watch for messages that indicate missing information.

iTunes Connect shows messages at the top of the page or in a dialog to indicate problems that need to be resolved before the app record can be saved.

If the record saves successfully, the App Details page appears with Versions selected, showing the new version. The version is in its first state, Prepare for Submission.