Get info about player Game Center friends is pretty simple. Here is the example how you can send friends load request, and get the result.

OSXGameCenterManager.OnFriendsListLoaded += OnFriendsListLoaded;

private void OnFriendsListLoaded (ISN_Result result) {
	OSXGameCenterManager.OnFriendsListLoaded -= OnFriendsListLoaded;
	if(result.IsSucceeded) {
		renderFriendsList = true;


As soon as friend list loaded we can get all current player friends ids using OSXGameCenterManager.friendsList:

public static List<string> friendsList


Also, we can get Info about player using:

OSXGameCenterPlayerTemplate player = OSXGameCenterManager.GetPlayerById(FriendId)


The Player is represented as OSXGameCenterPlayerTemplate class:

public class OSXGameCenterPlayerTemplate {
    public string playerId 
    public string alias 
    public string displayName 
    public Texture2D avatar 


Note: Plugin automatically triggers player info download after we got player id from friends load request or from any other request for example score list request. Which basicaly means 2 things:

  1. You do not have to send player info load request by yourself. If you got info about player id, it means plugin automatically will send player info request.
  2. The player info request can take some time, so it always good practice to check if player info exists before using it. 

The best way to find out when exactly player avatar was loaded, is using OnUserInfoLoadedâ event as showed on the snapshot bellow:

OSXGameCenterManager.OnUserInfoLoaded += OnUserInfoLoaded;

void OnUserInfoLoaded (ISN_UserInfoLoadResult result) {
    renderer.material.mainTexture = resul.tplayerTemplate.avatar;


Following code snippet show how you can print information about current player friends:

GUI.Label(new Rect(10,  90, 100, 40), "id", boardStyle);
GUI.Label(new Rect(150, 90, 100, 40), "name", boardStyle);;
GUI.Label(new Rect(300, 90, 100, 40), "avatar ", boardStyle);
int i = 1;
foreach(string FriendId in OSXGameCenterManager.friendsList) {

	OSXGameCenterPlayerTemplate player = OSXGameCenterManager.GetPlayerById(FriendId);
	if(player != null) {
		GUI.Label(new Rect(10,  90 + 70 * i, 100, 40), player.playerId, boardStyle);
		GUI.Label(new Rect(150, 90 + 70 * i , 100, 40), player.alias, boardStyle);
		if(player.avatar != null) {
			GUI.DrawTexture(new Rect(300, 75 + 70 * i, 50, 50), player.avatar);
		} else  {
			GUI.Label(new Rect(300, 90 + 70 * i, 100, 40), "no photo ", boardStyle);



Full API use Example can be founded in FriendsLoadExample  example scene.