Manage In-App Purchases

Open In-App Purchases page.

In the In-App Purchases page, click Create New.

Create all necessary products for your app.


You will have a similar table of in apps when you finish creating your products.

Make sure that you have uploaded screenshot for each in-app product, and all of them has Ready to Submit status.


The Product ID column displays the id of your product. You will manage your products in code using these ids.

It is not enough just create products, you will also have to add them to your app.

Go back to the created app and open Versions page.

Select the version of your app that you are about to release and scroll down to the In-App Purchases section, just below the Builds section.

In the In-App Purchase section, click the plus sign. If you don't see this section, it may mean that the app version doesn't have Prepare for Submission status.

Choose which In-App Purchase products you want to submit with this version of your app.

Click Done. The In-App Purchase products you chose are listed in the In-App Purchases section.

To be able to Test In-Apps you have to create test account and log out from your real account on your device.

Go back to the iTunes Connect main page. Then Users and Roles -> Sandbox Testers. Fill all required fields and create new test user.

Click the plus sign to add a new sandbox tester. Enter information for the sandbox tester, including store territory, and click Save.