Main components


Main script to process gameplay related logic
Controls all gameplay related parameters (as score, game state, life, etc)

  • PizzaGenerator - Link to PizzaGenerator object
  • Swatter - Link to Swatter object
  • EnemiesSpawner - Link to EnemySpawner object
  • IngameUI UI_Ingame - Link to IngameUI object
  • WinConditionTreshhold - Current Win/Lose Conditions



Script create batch of enemies and processes their appearance according to specified rules:

  • EnemiesPool - Array of Pre-generated pools of enemies
Caption - Custom name
EnemyType - Prefab of enemy object
Quantity - How much enemies should be generated
  • Waves - Array of waves
EnemyTypes - List of enemies types to be spawned in current wave
TotalQuantity - Total quantity of enemies to be spawned in this wave
Delay - Delay between enemies spawning within current wave
  • GenerationRange - Max distance from spawnPo to spawned enemy
  • NextWaveDelay - Delay between waves
  • Pizza - Pizza (Target) origin
  • CustomParent - Optional: custom parent object for spawned enemies



AI behaviour script:

  • Friendly - Is it friendly
  • Life - Lifes amount (how much taps/clicks needed to kill it)
  • Speed - Movement speed
  • Cost - How much pos it costs
  • RotationDamping - Rotation speed
  • DeadTime - How long body should be visible
  • ScaleOnHit - How much will sprite scaled when touched/clicked
  • enemySkins Material - List of Materials with skins
  • deadSkins Material - List of Materials with skins of dead-state



Script to initialize pizzaPieces and count them:

  • SoundManager - Link to SoundManager
  • Sound_Eaten - Sound when piece's been eaten



Script processes PizzaPiece states.



Script processes players input (mouse click or touch) and send related messages to other component
It also visualize touch/click po with effect related to object under the mouse/finger:

  • swatFX_hit - Visual effect for touching enemy
  • swatFX_miss - Visual effect for touching empty place (background)
  • swatFX_pizza - Visual effect for touching Pizza piece
  • swatFX_bonus - Visual effect for touching bonus object
  • soundManager - Link to SoundManager
  • sound_Splat - Sound for touching enemy
  • sound_SplatMiss - Sound for touching empty place (background)
  • sound_Wrong - Sound for touching friendly bug
  • sound_Return - Sound for touching Pizza piece
  • sound_Bonus - Sound for touching bonus object



Script creates batch of bonuses and processes their appearance according to specified rules

  • BonusesPool - Array of Pre-generated pools of bonus
Caption - Custom name
BonusType - Prefab of bonus object
Quantity - How much bonuses should be generated
  • StartDelay - Delay till firs bonus will appear in game
  • Delay - Delay between bonuses appearance
  • GenerationRange - Max distance(from origin) for generation
  • CustomParent - Custom parent object



Script processes different effects when bonus is taken:

  • BonusType - Current bonus type (how it will affect game) {KillAllEnemies, RemovePenalty, FreezeEveryone}
  • parameter - Custom parameter to adjust bonus effects



Simple scripts to manage game sounds and music

  • SourceSounds - Link to used for SFX
  • SourceMusic - Link to used for background music


Utility script to process D mesh as UI button
(MeshRender component should be attached to the gameObject):

  • pressedStateTexture - Optional Texture for pressed state of the button



Script to visualize and process such UI-element as Progress bar:

  • currentValue - Current ProgressBar value
  • maxValue - Max possible ProgressBar value
  • tiled - Should be ProgressBar image tiled or solid



Custom script to create and process MainMenu user interface of this game:

  • UI_LayerOffsetZ - Distance between camera and UI elements in the scene
  • GameLogic - Main game-logic script
  • menuEnemySpawner - Link to enemy spawner for background animation
  • Record - Top Score label
  • PlayButton - Button to show game-modes menu
  • MusicButton - Button to turn on/Off Music
  • SoundButton - Button to on/Off Sounds
  • ExitButton - Button to Exit to OS
  • HelpWindow - Link to Help Window
  • SoundManager - Link to SoundManager object
  • sound_Click - Button click sound


Custom script to create and process Ingame user interface of this game:

  • UI_LayerOffset - Distance between camera and UI elements
  • Overlay - Link to overlay object
  • Loading - Label for "Loading" text
  • ScoreUI - Label for "Score" text
  • TimeUI - Label for "Remained Time" text
  • GameOverUI - Text for GameOver caption
  • GO_ScoreValue_UI - Text for Score in GameOver menu
  • GO_LifeBonusValue_UI - Text for Lifes bonus in GameOver menu
  • GO_TimeBonusValue_UI - Text for Time bonus in GameOver menu
  • GO_TotalScoreValue_UI - Text for TotalScore in GameOver menu
  • recordText - Label for "Current Record" text
  • FailsUI - Link to object FAILS UI
  • LifesUI - Link to object lifes UI
  • PauseButton - Button to turn on/off pause and pause menu
  • ResumeButton - Button to resume game from pause menu
  • RestartButton - Button to restart level
  • MusicButton - Button to turn on/off music
  • SoundButton - Button to turn on/off sound
  • ExitButton - Button to exit to main menu
  • SoundManager - Link to SoundManager object
  • sound_Record - Sound for NewRecord event
  • sound_Lose - Sound for GameOver event
  • sound_Win - Sound for Win event
  • sound_Click - Button click sound



Simple script to show Splash image before game:

  • SplashTexture - Splash image texture
  • AppearanceTime - How fast should it appear/disappear
  • StayTime - How long should splash be visible before disappearing