Replace the pizza

First of all - it is not obligatory to use sliced image etc. - you can use (as a treasure to steal by enemies)
any objects, including 3D. The single rule - they should have PizzaPiece script and Collider attached.
Unfortunately pizza generator can't work with 3D pizza, so you'll need to arrange pieces manually (or update
the script)
If you want to have 2d sliced object (like Pizza is) - the easiest way is to create image(.PSD as instance) with
layers (each piece should be in separate layer) end then export it to bunch of images + data-file.
I've prepared a small GIMP script for you (please check _ExtractAllLayers_4GIMP.chm in _Scripts folder) - to export
such image from free "The Gimp" ( editor really fast and easy. The script will create folder with
each layer exported as .png and data file to parse. Drag this folder to your Project window in Unity.
The Gimp can open PSD files, so if needed - you can save your image to .PSD from Photoshop and then open in GIMP
to use exporting script.
"Pizza Defense" asset has built-in script(PizzaImporter.js) to create atlas and generate objects using this
Please update it values before using:

var layersLength: int = 101; // Put there number of pieces/layers in your image
var localDirectory: String = "Assets/"; // Name of your directory with all imported assets

Now you can run "Import Pizza" script from Unity menu (Main Menu -> Assets -> Import Pizza...) and select
text data file.
Info for manual exporting (just in case) :

  • - each layer/piece should be saved to separated .png file
  • - info about all layers must be saved to text file with structure:
Layer_3.png - layer/file name
723 - X position of layer in the image
790 - Y position of layer in the image
75 - X size of layer (width)
91 - Y size of layer (height)
separator-string before information about next layer