Utility components


Simple script that allows to use texture spreadsheet for sprite animation (each cell of the spreadsheet is one
frame of sprite-animation)

  • framesMatrixSize - Frames spreadsheet size (number of columns and rows)
  • framesChangingSpeed - How fast frames should change each other



Utility script for 3DText appearance animation. It also allows to compose text from parts dynamically
(Script should be attached to the object with TextMesh component):

  • FirstPartOfText - First(default) part of text. It is always visible
  • StayOnScreenDelay - How long text should stay after it appearance
  • ScalingSpeed - How fast text will be scaled during appearance
  • RotationSpeed - How much text will be rotated during appearance



Script allows to animate (move or rotate) object according to simple list of rules:

  • Cycled - Is whole list of movements cycled (i.e. after las movement in list it starts play the first)
  • movements - List of all movements
  • direction - Direction of movement, or axis along which it will be rotated (if isRotation)
  • isRotation - Is it Rotation or movement
  • speed - Speed of movement/rotation
  • cycleTime - How long will one cycle of movement/rotation
  • Cycles - How much cycles of this movement/rotation should be
  • endTime - Internal variable - your input doesn't influence on it



Script allows to apply simple procedural animations to the gameObject:
Animations - Queue of object animations

InitialScale - Start scale of the object
InitialRotation- Start object rotation
Duration - How long modification should be applied
ScalingSpeed - How fast will object be scaled
RotationSpeed - How fast will object be rotated

ChangeVisibility - Will be object visibility changed on animation
start/stop or not.



Simple script to scale object, wait some time and then scale it back. Can be used for button click animation:

  • ScaleIncrement - How much object will be scaled
  • ScaledDelay - Delay till scaling back to initial size
  • CustomObject - Object to scale



Simple script, that destroys current object after lifeTime time according to some rules:

  • LifeTime - After this time object will be destroyed
  • OnlyIfNotVisible - Destroy only if object is no longer visible by camera
  • Randomize - Randomize destruction time
  • randomized_LifeTime_limits - Limits of randomized time