How to use

No Setup actions are required, you can start using plugin right after import.

Import any PSD file to any folder of your Unity project. The example PSD files with we going to use for this tutorial can be found at:


Right Click on PSD file, and select from the context menu.

This is the importer window with will allow you to setup import setting for the selected PSD file.

Left  column will show you the content of the selected PSD file. With the Right column, you can setup the export PSD layers and combination of layers to PNG files.

In the example file, we have simple stickman. All parts of stickman body are represented as PSD layer. Let’s set up export for:

  • Head
  • Head with arms
  • Body with arms and legs
  • Whole stickman

To do this let’s create 4 images in the right exporter menu. And add correspondent layer to the image.

Note: For adding layers simply check layers in the left side when the export image settings is active.

Here is what should we get as the result in the exporter window.

If we will specify exported files location it will be saved to the same folder where we have our PSD file. Remember that location is relative. So let’s specify pngs_exported folder as the location for our PNG exported files.

After hitting the Run button, all images will be  created. And you can notice that data file is created near the PSD file. Do not remove it, this file holds exporter setting.

Now we can apply any Unity import settings to our images.  To simplify demonstration lets just use Sprite image type and simply drag images on the scene.

Note: If you will open initial PSD file and change it, as soon as you will save changes and open Unity all exported images will be updated.

Enjoy! :)