28 Feb 2015
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Runtime Level Editor 1.1 Change Log

Added : You can now sort Assets on categories which can be created easily using 4.6 UI. Fixed : Window which displays the assets on the scene does no more need to be huge in order to fit them, it automatically resize.

Fixed : Runtime Level Editor now works with Unity 5.0.0f1 and hopefully with all the upcoming Unity 5.x.

Fixed : Moving / Scaling tools does not effected by lighting so you can always see them.

Fixed : A lot of bugs on World Settings.

Improved : The Inspector has been redesigned.

Added : A custom window which allows you to create new Assets very fast and with a couple of clicks.

Fixed : A bug when you simulate physics, the selected object ignores collision.

Fixed : When you select a point light, even if it loads the point light settings, the actual sliders didn't update correctly.

Fixed : Point light settings window can be dragged now.

Added : Skin parameters on every single control category (buttons/window bars/text fields etc), so you can now create skins and allow users to switch between them.

Added : Basic terrain editor (Beta v0.1)

Improved : New Camera Moving & Rotation tools. You can rotate the camera much more smooth by pressing & holding the middle mouse button when you have Move/Rotate/Scale tool and you can rotate the camera by pressing and holding the left mouse button when the view tool is selected.

Added : You can now move the camera by moving the cursor on the edge of your screen.