Every time you IDE detects a potential issue in your code, it generates a warning. And if there is a critical issue in your code, you would not even able to compile. This is what this plugin does for your scenes structure as well. It will raise warning or errors right in the hierarchy encouraging you to fix it. The plugin provides some Default Validation Rules, and what is more important you may create your own.

There are two types of rules you can create for your scenes. Based on components and based on scene context.

Rules you create may have an automatic resolution, that can be applied by one click of a button. You also can run auto resolution for an open scene, or run batch scene resolve

We also understand that validation can't be precise for all the special cases. That's why there is an ability to "mute" the specific validation rule for a specific component.

Check out code sample for creating own context-based rule

The plugin will also update Inspector & Scene UI appearance. All additional setting can be configured inside the Plugin Editor Window.