Validator Window

There a lot more feature available through the validator editor window. Witch is located under Stan's Assets -> Productivity -> Scene Validation menu item.

Report Tab

The report tab will show open scene's validation information + some generic scene information that may also be useful for you, for example, a number of game-objects on a scene, etc.

  1. Scene group including some scene info.
  2. Action buttons. Give you the ability to Restart validation for the selected scene, or start scene auto-fix based on current validator rules.
  3. Current scene issues list.

Settings Tab

Provides an ability to adjust validation settings. Please note that settings will only be applied to your editor instance.


  • Scene Validator. You can enable or disable validation plugin for your project using this menu.
  • Allow Issues Ignore. Enables or disables the issue ignore option.

Hierarchy UI

  • Icons Alignment. You may choose where you want issues gizmos to be alignment in Hierarchy view scene 

Inspector UI

Generally, this section setting gives you an ability to adjust an inspector view based on how many details you want to see.  All options enabled will look similar to this:

And if you disabled all the UI option, the same game object inspector will look like this:

Scene View

Give an ability to enable/disable scene summary window inside the Scene window.

Guides Tab

Your guides and knowledge base hub.