Shift! Interactive 3D Menu Controller

Shift! Interactive 3D Menu Controller

Price: $15
Version: 1.01
Size: 3.87 MB
Category: GUI

Shift! is a template/scripting base for Unity to create complex and professional looking 3D menus. Great for mobile games, but also for other platforms. Shift! helps you to create a menu system without any limits!

Watch *this* video to see an example and other games using Shift!
With Shift! you can...

  • Create your own individual 2D/3D menus exactly the way you like
  • Move, rotate and scale your sprite buttons, logos, 3D-texts and even other game objects in your menu without any limits with your defined speed and without writing any code
  • add sound effects and functions to your buttons easily
  • work hand in hand with other (and upcoming) 70:30 scripts like the Tunes! Music Controller

Shift! Includes a detailed documentation, well documented scripts and menu/button prefabs.

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