Important scripting hints

The most important game objects are:

  • Player - Move you around the game world

  • Player->MainCamera->Shooter – Contains all weapons settings (models, damage, sound, etc)

  • Quest – There setup all tasks, quest conditions, and related texts

  • GUI – Contain BuyMenu window and all HUD’s settings

  • EnemyEmmiter - object with list of enemies to emit.



Necessary scripts to be assigned to:

  • Enemy – Rigidbody, BoxCollider, ENemyScipt, MaterialType script (+ Moving script if enemy should moves)

  • GUI - BuyMenu script

  • Player – please use First Person Controller from Standard Assets

  • Player->MainCamera->Shooter – Sooting script

  • Quest – QuestScript and QuestWindow script

    Please also don’t forget to assign suitable objects/scripts to those scripts fields.