Let's start with the very basic setup of the plugin. To open SocialGIF Settings, please, press Window → Stan's Assets → Social Gif → Edit Settings

Plugin Settings Inspector window is divided into three sections as you can see from the screenshot above.

The very first section contains core GIF recording options listed below:

  • Automatic Height  - auto-aspect in other words. If this option enabled, your GIF will have predefined Width, but the Height will be calculated at runtime depending on screen size and ratio.
  • Width - the width of the GIF file in pixels.
  • Height - the height of the GIF in pixels. If you have Automatic Height option enabled, the Height editing will be disabled.
  • Worker Thread Priority - sets the worker threads priority for GIF processing.
  • Compression Quality - the quality of color quantization (conversion of images to the maximum 256 colors allowed by the GIF specification). Lower values (minimum = 1) produce better colors, but slow processing significantly. Higher values will speed up the quantization pass at the cost of lower image quality (maximum = 100).
  • Repeat - GIF recording repeat count. -1 no repeat, 0 infinite, >0 repeat count.
  • Frames Per Second - Recording frames per second (FPS).
  • Record Time - the maximum amount of seconds to record to memory.
  • Estimated VRam Usage - shows the estimated VRam used (in MB) for recording.

The second section is related to social networks for GIF sharing. For now the Facebook and Twitter available, but social networks list will be extended with future updates. Enable social network you are going to use in your game for sharing.

If you don't want to share GIF images at all, just disable all the social networks. All the GIFs features (recording, playing saving locally) will be available for you, but social sharing-related modules will not be added to final application build. In such a way you will keep your final build clean.

The final section of the SocialGif Settings displays the basic information about plugin version, support e-mail, and Stan's Assets Logo.

Now we are done with plugins settings and ready to go with GIFs recording.

Setup in Xcode

Note: This step is automatic after version 4.8. All frameworks and dependencies will be added automatically during the build phase.  However, if you're building Xcode project on Windows, or for some reason post process is failed on your machine  you can do this manually.

Include following frameworks to your iOS project

  • QuartzCore.framework
  • CoreGraphics.framework
  • ImageIO.framework
  • UIKit.framework 
  • Accounts.framework
  • Social.framework

Here's how to do that:

Open your project.  Click on the Solution Name (project setting will open). Click on "Build Phase Tab", click on "+" button under the "Link Binary" tab.


Enter "store" on pop up search field. As example, choose StoreKit.framework then press the Add button. That's it!

Do the same for the rest of the frameworks.