Stan's Assets Premium Support

Stan's Assets Premium Support

Price: $500
Version: v1
Size: 1.96 KB
Category: Development Assist

Stan's Assets Team will implement all plugin API's in your project. All you need to do, is to describe us how you want plugin API to be implemented in your project. We will provide you with our implementation suggestions as well depends on your project.

If you have another 3-rd party plugins which can conflict with Stan's Assets plugins, we will solve this conflicts as well.

In order to implement native API to your project we will need:

  • Access to your project
  • Developer access to Google Play console or iTunes Connect
  • Description how you want native API to be implemented to your project.

Warning: Its just an additional offer, you do not have to buy anything to get support if you already our customer. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, issues, or bug reports.

How to use

After purchasing this package please contact Stan's Assets team via and provide purchase invoice number with the description of the features, you would like to implement and will take care of the rest.




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