Strike Effects

Strike Effects

Price: $20
Version: 1.0
Category: Particle Systems

Requires Unity 4.2.2 or higher.

This is an effects pack that can be used for all kinds of rpg or fighter games as "weapon trails" or similar attack/elemental effects. Fire strike, ice strike, etc. 
The effects are not trails (they don't actually follow the sword/axe/whatever), but models with a fixed shape with added particle effects and scripts. 

Check out the WEBPLAYER DEMO to see each effect in 3D. 

The goblin character is also in the pack, but lacks animations/mechanim setup, so it might be not useful to you; this package is about the various strike effects. 

Note that effects are notoriously hard to scale (not impossible, just tendious, setting all the parameters). The goblin in the demo is about 1.75m, so "realistic" in size. If you want to scale the effects, here is a tool that helps with that: PARTICLE SCALER.

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