Price: $55
Version: 2.25
Size: 9.51 KB
Category: Modeling

SuperLevelOptimizer :

You no longer need to worry about the number of draw calls or CPU load. Super Level Optimizer itself automatically optimizes the level for you. One push of a button you can create atlases (one texture instead of a few) and combine meshes (which also reduces the load on the processor).



  • Works with any material and shader
  • Creates atlases.
  • Combines meshes.
  • Works automatically.
  • Easy, no scripting, learn in 5 minutes
  • Sources textures and meshes are not changed.
  • Moves UV for imposing atlases.
  • Optimizes the number of draw calls.
  • Works without your participation.
  • Works with any materials.
  • Do not want to make copies of materials or textures.
  • Support Unity Free


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