Basic components and their adjustments

Project has next list of basic objects/components needed for the game (check _SCRIPTS_ folder):

GameLogic    - Main script to process gameplay related logic
Knife        - Processes slicing related effects and send message for SlicedObjects if needed
SlicedObject - Script process objects before and wrecks after slicing
Generator    - Script randomly generates object(with specified force/torque) for slicing
SoundManager - Simple scripts to manage game sounds and music
UI_Ingame    - Custom script to create and process Ingame user interface of this game
UI_MainMenu  - Custom script to create and process MainMenu user interface of this game

Most of basic game objects has prefabs (please check _PREFABS_ folder) – this should help you a lot, since you can just drag'n'drop them to your scene.

You may want adjust their behavior or appearance – for this you should either update related values or change Model/Material/etc in the scene. For more info – check next section of this manual.

If you want to get/change any of game asset – you can find their sources in the _ASSETS_ folder