Main Components


Main script to process gameplay related logic

  • gameType - Current game mode (Classic,TimeAttack)

  • IngameUI - Link to script that controls Ingame UI

  • knife - Link to Knife object using for slicing

  • generator - Link to sliced objects Generator

  • splats - Link to pool with splats effects

  • destroyingTrigger - Link to Object that destroys missed objects

  • comboText - Animated UI text to show message about combo slice

  • gameOverText - Animated UI text to show GameOver message

  • additionalText - Animated UI text to show Count down abd some additional messages

  • bombPrefab - Example of Bomb object

  • frozenPrefab - Example of Freezer object

  • frozenOverlay - UI plane to visualize frozen time

  • frozenedTime - How long time will be slow downed (frozen)

  • objectsType - List of all generated objects and their costs

  • life - Max amount of missed objects (only for Classic game mode)

  • timer - Duration of the stage (only for TimeAttack game mode)

  • countDownDelay - Delay before sstage start

  • comboMinSlicesNum - Min amount of objects comboTresholdTime)

  • comboTresholdTime - Time limit for combo 

  • comboCost - Points Bonus for each object

  • messageSound - Sound for messages

  • swoshSound - Sound for knife moving

  • crashSound - Sound for slicing

  • bombSound - Sound for bomb slicing (explosion)

  • freezingSound - Sound for freeze-object slicing (and time freezing)

  • gameOverSound - Game Over sound 




Script check is there object to slice under the pointer
Processes slicing related effects and send message for SlicedObjects if needed

  • KnifeFX - Link to Knife visual representation object
  • SparksFX - Link to Knife default VFX
  • distanceToKnife - Distance between Camera and knife 



Script process objects before and wrecks after slicing. Objects childs will be used as wrecks automatically:

  • slicingTorque - Torque to be applied to the wrecks
  • slicingForce - Force to be applied to the wrecks
  • delayBeforeDeath - Delay before destroying whole object(including wrecks) 




Script randomly generates object(with specified force/torque) for slicing
PoolManager component (with objects to generate) should be attached to the gameObject. Please check more info about PoolManager in separated Manual (located in _Easy_ObjectsPool_ folder)

  • initialTorque - Initial torque of a generated object
  • initialForce - Initial velocity of a generated object
  • generationXRange - X-axis diapason for generation (initial position of object)
  • generationTimeRange - Time diapason for generation (how often new object should be generated)
  • generationForceRange - Modifier to randomize torque of generated object
  • generationTorqueRange - Modifier to randomize velocity of generated object 



Simple scripts to manage game sounds and music

• sourceSounds - Link to AudioSource used for SFX
• sourceMusic - Link to AudioSource used for background music 



Custom script to create and process Ingame user interface of this game

  • UI_LayerOffsetZ - Distance between camera and UI elements in the scene
  • loading - Label for "Loading" text
  • scoreUI - Label for "Score" text
  • recordUI - Label for "Current Record" text
  • timeUI - Label for "Remained Time" text
  • lifesUI - Link to object lifes UI
  • overlay - Link to overlay object
  • pauseButton - Button to turn on/off pause and pause menu
  • resumeButton - Button to resume game from pause menu
  • restartButton - Button to restart level
  • musicButton - Button to turn on/off music
  • soundButton - Button to turn on/off sound • exitButton - Button to exit to main menu
  • soundManager - Link to SoundManager object 





Custom script to create and process MainMenu user interface of this game

  • UI_LayerOffsetZ - Distance between camera and UI elements in the scene
  • splash - Link to splash object (that you can show ont the start of the application)
  • splashTime - How long splash should be visible
  • loading - Label for "Loading" text
  • classicModeRecord - Label for "Classic mode topScore" text
  • timedModeRecord - Label for "Timed mode topScore" text
  • playButton - Button to show game-modes menu
  • classicModeButton - Button to start Classic game-mode
  • timedModeButton - Button to start Timed game-mode
  • musicButton - Button to turn on/Off Music
  • soundButton - Button to on/Off Sounds
  • exitButton - Button to Exit to OS
  • soundManager - Link to SoundManager object