Utility components


Utility script to process 3D mesh as UI button (MeshRender component should be attached to the gameObject):

  • pressedStateTexture - Optional Texture for pressed state of the button



The simple script allows to destroy objects entering to trigger area:

  • ignoreColliders - List of colliders those should not be destroyed • LastDestroyedObjectName - Name of the last destroyed object



Utility script for 3DText appearance animation.
Also allows to compose text from 2 parts dynamically (Script should be attached to the object with TextMesh component)

  • firstPartOfText - First(default) part of text. It is always visible

  • stayOnScreenDelay - How long text should stay on screen after it appearance

  • scalingSpeed float - How fast text will be scaled during appearance

  • rotationSpeed float - How much text will be rotated during appearance 



Script allows to apply simple procedural animations to the gameObject

  • animations - Queue of object animations:


initialScale - Start scale of the object
initialRotation - Start object rotation
duration - How long modification should be applied
scalingSpeed - How fast will object be scaled
rotationSpeed - How fast will object be rotated
  • ChangeVisibility - Will be object visibility changed on animation start/stop or not