Texture Packer Pro

Texture Packer Pro

Price: $15
Version: TP 3.5
Size: 7.58 MB
Category: 2D & Sprite Management

With this tool, you can easily use Texture Packer sprite sheets for drawing GUI Textures, GUI Animation. Use Mesh texture from Atlas (auto UV generation), mesh-based sprite animation 

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  • Skinned Mesh Support (only for paid version)
  • Mesh Sprite animation
  • Editor Preview
  • Customs Inspectors and windows 
  • Asset Processor for auto atlas detection
  • Supporting Texture Packer rotation (paid version only) trim, crop
  • Use different atlases for 1 animation 
  • Play any number of animations in a single draw call. 
  • Collision 
  • Setting pivot within the editor 


  • Easy to load / unload atlases 
  • Easy to draw and manage textures
  • Supporting rotation, trim, crop (paid version only)
  • Can be used with any GUI system for Unity 
  • GUI Animation from Atlas (only for paid version)
  • Export to Unity 2D Sprites 


Warning: Texture Packer Standalone is the separate product of another developer. The Standalone version has a trial period - after the trial period it will continue to work, but with limited features. Latest price policy for Standalone version can be found on Texture Packer Web Site 

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